Sourcing Agent

Can’t find what you need? Fret not! At Gift Monster, we have sourcing specialists who will help meet your business needs with our 4 steps approach.

Supply X Needs – Identifying the best possible potential suppliers from our pool of curated global suppliers based on your specific needs and meeting your events’ requirements.

Cost Effectiveness – Negotiating the most favorable prices, terms and delivery timeline with our suppliers.

Quality Assurance – Ensuring that the products or services sourced meet the necessary quality standards befitting of your company’s brand and reputation.

Logistic Management – Managing the logistics of the entire sourcing process, including the coordination of both local and overseas shipments and ensuring that they are delivered on time.

Our sourcing specialists are constantly monitoring and reviewing our supplier performance as well as conducting regular reviews to ensure that your business is indeed getting the best value for the money.

Rest assured that utilizing our qualified sourcing specialists would only save you a significant amount of time and effort as it can be challenging to find and secure high-quality gifts from reliable suppliers on your own. Our team of experienced sourcing specialists had successfully help innumerable businesses in securing high-quality and cost-effective options for their business’s needs within their stipulated timeline. We firmly believe that they would be a valuable asset to your business success too.